Got Questions?

 Help!  I’m new!  What do I do?  What if I…?”

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                                       Stand up, sit down! What do I do next?

        Relax! God loves you as you are and so do we!

Here are some tips about the service for newcomers:

  • You will be given a bulletin that has the full text of the service. It has all the music, readings from the Bible, prayers and announcements.

  • Our service comes from The Book of Common Prayer  and we use hymns  from a variety of sources.

  • There are two main parts to each service with a break in between.

Part 1: The Service of the Word: prayers, scripture, hymns and sermon.

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Then we take time to greet each other and share God’s Peace 


Part 2: The Eucharist, also known as Communion or The Lord’s Supper   


Everyone is invited, but not required, to come to the altar rail to take communion or receive a blessing. Just cross your arms across your chest if you would only like a blessing or a prayer. You will be offered a wafer and wine for sipping or dipping. You may take wafer and/or the the wine and gluten free wafers are available; just ask the usher or the celebrant.  If it is difficult for you to come to the altar rail, just remain in your seat and it will be brought to you.

Incense is used during Advent, Christmas, Lent and Easter. For those with allergies, we use allergy-free incense and air out the church after using it.

Miscellaneous Questions you may have:

Where are the restrooms? There are two bathrooms in the hallway to the parish hall. Take the walkway to the porch and enter through the door straight ahead. Both restrooms are marked and are gender neutral.

Where do I park my vehicle? We use the lot in front of the church and any spaces to the right of the church. In the front lot we park with one car behind the other. After church we coordinate the spaces so everyone can leave who wants to leave. When we have lots of cars we have permission to park across the street.

When is the church open? The church is always open for prayer and reflection.

When is the church office open? Our secretary, Susan Robinson, is here on Thursdays from 10 a.m.-4:00 p.m. Pastor Sally is often in the office and would be glad to talk with you anytime.

How do I put someone on the prayer list? There are forms in the Narthex (entryway) and in the Parish Hall.  Fill out the form and put it in the prayer box in the Narthex, in the offering plate or  on the desk in the office.

What do I do in a pastoral emergency?  Call the church at 301-271-4554. If no one answers leave a message or call the number given.

How do I get involved? Tell Pastor Sally you are willing to help and watch her jump for joy! Help is always appreciated!

How do I learn more about the church? Talk with Pastor Sally, she will be happy to meet with you and answer your questions. You can also talk with parishioners during fellowship time after the service(s). Members often have breakfast after the service at Mountain Gate Restaurant from Sept-June and when we have two services those who attend the later service have lunch or light refreshments in the Parish Hall.

Is the Episcopal Church Roman Catholic or Protestant? The Episcopal Church takes the ” Via Media” or middle way between Catholicism and Protestantism. The Episcopal Church’s liturgy is found in The Book of Common Prayer and is very similar to that found in  Roman Catholic Churches or many Lutheran churches. Style of liturgies vary  from “low-church” to “High-Church” or Anglo-Catholic. Episcopal means “governed by bishops” which reflects the fact that unlike Roman Catholicism, the Episcopal Church is not under Papal authority. Women have been ordained in the Episcopal Church since the 1970’s and clergy can be married.

What is a VESTRY? The vestry is a group of individuals who help the Rector care for the church building, oversee finances and act as spiritual and “hands on” leaders of the church.

Image result for is the episcopal church protestantWhat does the Episcopal Shield stand for? The components of the shield reflect the history of the Protestant Episcopal Church,  U.S. A. and it’s growth out of the Anglican Church of England. The shield is red, white and blue, the colors found in both the flag of the U.S.A. and the flag of England. Included in red on the the shield is the cross of St. George representing the Anglican Church. There is also a Cross of St. Andrew which represents the consecration of the first American bishop by the Church of Scotland after the U. S. split from England during the Revolutionary War.  The Cross of St. Andrew is made up of nine small white crosses on a blue field to symbolize the nine dioceses that united to form the Protestant Episcopal Church of the U.S.A. in 1789.

I’m interested in genealogy. How do I find out about ancestors who attended Harriet Chapel in the past?  Our records are online at: